How did you look when you were 22? Were you a buff guy with a six pack?
In that case NKNW or another Testosterone Gel will make you a buff guy with a six pack.
On the other hand, if you were an average guy at 22, with potential, then NKNW can turn back the clock and give you back that potential. With the wisdom you've hopefully earned since then, and the extra energy you'll have, your body be healthier and look better than ever. 
With a Testosterone Gel, realistic expectations are 1) breaking though plateaus 2) more energy 3) cutting fat away from your chest and hips.*
*Testosterone alone won't eliminate much fat, but it should prevent it from loading up in womanly areas that give you man boobs and love handles.
As far as length of time goes, it's harder to estimate. So much depends on your diet, metabolism, training methods, genetics. . . not to mention how much NKNW you use, and what your baseline Testosterone level was.
In general, the first month you see improved strength mood and libido. By moth three, family and friends will notice your improved body- three months is a rule of thumb for effective training in general, not testosterone. You might see small changes in a matter of weeks. After roughly six months your "transformation" will be complete, unless you increase your dosage.



If you talk to guys on heavy steroids- and you would be surprised how many people that is- they tend to look down on Testosterone Gels.

You can think of it like this- NKNW gets you back to your early twenties, when you had a lot of room to grow but were basically settled in. Serious steroids, or testosterone injections in large doses, get you back to your teenage years. That's when serious changes were happening to your body. You might have grown four inches in a year, or maybe you knew a kid who was skinny one year, but he came back after summer with enough size to join the football team.

For the record, if that's the kind of transformation you want, a Gel like NKNW can still play a role. It won't make you a Greek God, but it's a solid PLAN B. If you go some place where you can't carry needles and "gear," you can always bring along a tube to prevent a testosterone crash if something goes wrong with the PLAN A supply.

And of course, anyone you talk to will say that you should be training hard for minimum 18 months before you start cycling steroids. A Testosterone Gel like NKNW can play a role in those initial 18 months, because your testosterone doesn't need to be high right away, but if it's too low then you'll really never get anywhere.




This isn't a ""test booster."" NKNW puts actual bio-identical testosterone into your body. Use it alone, to "top off" another prescription, or as an alternative to needles while traveling.

World's Most Powerful Gel

Traditional prescription gels all have less than 2% Testosterone by volume. Our 5% formula is more effective, efficient, and less messy.

No prescription

It can be a hassle to find a doctor who understands men's health. Even asking for a diagnostic blood test can be difficult. We ship world-wide so you can take quick action.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Our licensed operation uses the purest bio-identical testosterone. We deliver it in a no nonsense, non-toxic formula, and we list all our ingredients.

Amazing Value

Testosterone gel is another example of greedy pharmaceutical companies. Without insurance, you'll pay up to 4 or 5 times more for a similar gel.


Buy NKNW with Bitcoin, an online currency that is anonymous and easy to use. This fits our values of discretion, safety, and freedom.

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