This isn't a placebo ""booster."" NKNW puts actual bio-identical testosterone into your body. You'll see real results that you can measure with blood tests and in the gym. And in bed.

World's Most Powerful Gel

Traditional gels have less than 2% Testosterone. Our 5% formula includes penetration agents that are unique in commercial products, creating a gel that's more effective, efficient, and less messy.

No Prescription

It can be a hassle to find a doctor who understands men's health. Even asking for a diagnostic blood test can be difficult. We ship world-wide so you can take quick action. Order a single tube and see how it feels.

Pharmaceutical Grade

AndroGel and similar products were developed in the 1990's. Our goal is to be better. We use pure bio-identical testosterone and deliver it in a no-nonsense, non-toxic formula.

Amazing Value

Testosterone gel is another example of greedy pharma companies inflating prices. Without insurance you'll probably pay 5 times our price. "Rogue" internet brands? We're better and cheaper.


Buy NKNW with Bitcoin, an online currency that is anonymous and easy to use even if you're not a computer guy. This fits our values of discretion, safety, and freedom.




Try a month of NKNW. No hassling with doctors, pharmacies, or shady dudes in the locker room. If it's not for you, try something else.


Up to 6 months of High Testosterone. Confidence and energy throughout the day, strength in the bedroom, power in the gym, the whole deal.


With 150 standard doses of pharmaceutical quality Testosterone Gel, turn back the clock and find a competitive edge.



 If you're confused

Don't worry.

NKNW can't accept credit cards, but we can accept Bitcoin.

Luckily, it's easy to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. You'll need to buy Bitcoin on a different website and return here to send them to us.

It's a three step process that we describe in more detail in the red bars further down. We break it down and tell you the best exchanges and wallets. If you're still lost, send us a message through the contact form at the bottom.


Please take care to send Bitcoin, not "Bitcoin Cash" "Bitcoin Gold" or any imitations.

Buying and sending bitcoin is even faster if you use an app like Square, Abra or Coinbase on your phone.

 Three Steps

1. Sign up at a free "exchange." You may need to verify your identity. You trade money for Bitcoin, like when you land at the airport in another country. Nothing to it.

2. Choose a "wallet." Simple, free and no verification needed. Your wallet is like a bank account where you receive and hold coins. Also like a bank account, you can transfer your coins. Many exchanges automatically include a wallet, so you can skip this.

3. Click the green button here. It gives you the exact amount of "BTC" (a number like 0.058343) to send to the NKNW wallet (a code like 17HRsdfd89. . .) Enter the number and code into your wallet, hit send and that's it! You can ignore the bar code thing.



Why can't I pay with a card?
NKNW is only available via Bitcoin. It's an "over-abundance of caution." Bitcoin is safer and more anonymous.
Of course it's less convenient than credit cards and other options.
That costs us some business. But it's OK. This shouldn't be an impulse purchase. The restrictions on testosterone go too far in most countries, but they are there for a reason.
This is powerful stuff. It puts athletes at an incredible advantage. It turns women into transsexual men!
So you have to decide if you want to learn to use Bitcoin, or go through all the trouble and expense of buying from a pharmacy.
Or do nothing.
Or talk yourself into a booster or inferior product.
How do I use Bitcoin?
Converting a chunk of money into Bitcoin is like buying tokens at an arcade or chips at a casino. Or yen when you visit Japan. Nothing technical about it.
The best way to do it is with your phone, using the Abra, Cash, or Coinbase app.
You load up your account with a credit card and you're mostly good to go. They might talk about investing or other services they can provide as apps but you just need to skip ahead to the part where you buy bitcoin.
These services are called exchanges, and some are better on a normal computer. Our favorites in the USA are and . Coinmama isn't available in every country or state, so check first. Don't waste time signing up and then see they don't take customers from South Dakota or wherever. (The Cash and Abra apps work in all 50 states.)
In Europe bitpanda is the most popular and in the UK spectrocoin gets good marks. If none of these is working in your area you can use a more professional platform like or work your way through this list.
Coinbase is also worth mentioning because it has the most user-friendly service. The reason we don't recommend coinbase is because their verification process is annoying.
At some exchanges, like coinbase, you need to verify your identity. It shouldn't be complicated. They just want copies of your ID and sometimes information about your bank account. The thing is, it sometimes takes them hours or days to review the documents. Even then they limit the amount of Bitcoin you can buy. It should always be straightforward to buy a $69 single tube, but to get $275 for a Combo Pack might take longer. If you can't wait you can use BitMEX where you don't need to verify your identity. To use in the USA you need to access via a VPN however.
Your exchange might include a "wallet" but either way, wallets are free and easy to create. It's like a cross between a bank account and an email address. The wallet is where the exchange send the Bitcoin after you buy it. It also has a few buttons inside to help you send the Bitcoin to other wallets. It's hard to go wrong with wallets, but the best for a phone is Mycelium, the best for desktop is the classic blockchain.
Don't over think it! If you need more help there are step-by-step guides on youtube and google. One of our customers wrote a sort of guide below in the FAQ. If one exchange is annoying, try another. And you can always contact us at [email protected]
The video below will also give you an idea of how easy it is to get started.

What about shipping?
Worldwide, no worries! And free for the time being. Delivery takes 3-4 days to America, 7-10 days to Europe. If for any reason a package doesn't arrive, we'll send another. We provide tracking numbers on request. Expect a confirmation email in 12-16 hours.
Our European/UK shipping times are broadly accurate, but it seems that one in ten packages have been taking more than 10 days to arrive, often due to customs inspections. Our budget shipping company can be sloppy when it comes to scanning the package, so your package may seem to "fall off the map" before suddenly arriving. Again, this isn't the normal experience, and never happens in America.
But if you prefer to get your package in 3-5 business days in the EU, with solid tracking, we recommend you spend $20 for express shipping. Otherwise there is a chance that your package may take 15 days to arrive, and if it spends time in customs you may not know its status.
For express shipping to Europe, contact customer service. We usually ask you to send an extra $20 worth of BTC with your order.
Is this legal?
Every country is different. When sports stars in your country admits to using steroids, do they go to jail? Remember that they buy a lot. When it comes to buying 3 tubes of testosterone gel the risk is incredibly small.
If you own a gym and are selling them at the entrance, that's not going to work. If you're a football coach giving free tubes to your players, good luck with that.
But ordering 200mL for daily use? Unless you live in North Korea you should be OK.
All we can say is, we ship across the world and no one has ever had an issue. And if you look around, a surprising amount of people order things like Viagra online. Not to mention serious designer steroids on sites similar to this one. Their customers are people you know in real life and who you see on magazine covers.
Generally speaking, the legal risks are in selling these sorts of things, not in buying them in small amounts for personal use. How do we protect ourselves? Bitcoin is a big part of that. Read on!
This still feels sketchy
Funny thing is, if NKNW was a testosterone booster full of sawdust and snake oil, no one would raise an eyebrow. We could charge $200 a month, cover the website with models using heavy, futuristic steroids you've never heard of.
We could accept credit cards, no drama!
But here's our story. NKNW started as a group of gym buddies pitching in to save money on outrageous prescription TRT prices. Testosterone is a simple molecule when it comes down to it, and it's not expensive in bulk.
Refining things over time, we reckoned our formula was actually better than AndroGel, so we decided to go public. That's a long story. Actually if you're a friend of a friend then Bitcoin isn't even the only way to pay- we were around before Bitcoin existed.
In the end it's your choice. NKNW just gives you the option to try the real thing, especially with the Trial Tube.
A customer's Bitcoin experience

Our man in California says:

I'm gonna be honest. I almost didn't place an order. Why? I didn't want to deal with bitcoin, yet another form of payment.

Yet, as I lathered androplus on my skin I remembered the sample tube of NKNW that I was given, and I remembered the quality.

[We give free samples to select individuals.]

I decided to make the effort to use bitcoin, NKNW's only current form of payment. While I've heard about bitcoin before, I was still a bit leery, I'm protective of my money. However, I gave it a go. I scrolled down on NKNW's website and came across their bitcoin setup process. I was initially confused as I didn't know I had to set up two different accounts. I didn't realize that essentially one behaved much like a bank, while the other one was your wallet, which I then would used to make my purchases.

[If the exchange is like the bank, the wallet is your bank account. Or, if the exchange is Western Union, your wallet is like your real life wallet.]

The whole setup took me about 1 hour, until I realized that I couldn't purchase more than 150 dollars worth of bitcoin from coinmama, until I verified my identity. This is where my frustration grew a bit and I was ready to give up. But I decided since I was already this close, I would go through Coinmamas verification process, which really consisted on me providing them a copy of my drivers license.

[To avoid verification headaches, one strategy is to buy $150 from coinmama and another $70 from a different exchange. Or use BitMEX. The customer friendly exchanges are the ones that ask for the most verification, and almost all of the US ones do.]

If only things were just so simple! I got rejected twice due to blurry photos, on my third attempt I used a scanner, set at 900DPI, only to be told my photo was too large in size. So at this point my pride is kicking in and I am determined to beat this BS of verification system. I shrunk the photos to under 4mb and uploaded them again, this time successfully. I waited about 4 hours then I received an email that verification was successfully complete. Finally!

I was in, I had succeeded.

[Hopefully no one else struggles with the photos. In theory it should be simple, and even the initial setup shouldn't take 1 hour. There are other exchanges that ask detailed banking info that's much more annoying.]

I quickly purchased 230 dollars worth of bitcoin since I was aware of the transaction fee I was going to incur would leave me with 219 dollars worth of bitcoin to spend, enough for four NKNW tubes in my mind. What I didn't realize is that there was another 10 dollar fee coinmama was charging me to purchase and transfer my coinbit currency to my wallet. Nevertheless, I paid it and continued on. There was a notice on coinmamas website that claimed the transfer could take as long as 48 hours, however, my experience was far less than 48 hours, it only took 3. After my wallet was filled with a fraction of a bitcoin, yes my 200 dollars was worth a fraction of 1 bitcoin.

[If one bitcoin is worth almost $3000, $200 only looks like 0.0150000 BTC]

Once everything was setup, paying was simple, there is just a small learning curb. I am glad I set it up, I think the product improvement over androplus is worth it.

[This is clearly a warts and all guide. We could easily write something that would make it sound like it takes 10 minutes. Sometimes that is all it takes. But we're trying to run this business the right way. No fake testimonials either. The sequel to this story is that our man in California recently re-ordered, no problems.]



These are highlights from longer reviews of NKNW. Most of our business is word of mouth and repeat customers. That includes names you would recognize in the sports and fitness worlds, but we keep that discrete.

To leave a review or testimonial and earn a discount on your next order, message [email protected] or drop it in the form at the bottom of the page. We'll change your name, country, and other information.

These are some sites that NKNW sponsors or where we have been discussed [must add Return of Kings].



Testosterone is powerful stuff. Trying just a single tube can improve your life. But you should know how it works and what to expect.



How do I know if I have Low T?
Be honest with yourself. Are you as active as you used to be? If you go to the gym, are you making progress? Are you mentally strong, or do you struggle with brain fog?  Are you underachieving, making excuses? Is your love life disappointing?
Those are all signs that something is wrong.
Low testosterone is likely, but it isn't the only possibility.
The only way to be sure is to take a blood test.
Do I need a blood test?
No. NKNW is available without prescription or blood work.
Blood work helps, but it is not crucial because there is no magic number when it comes to testosterone.
Imagine your blood work says 550. That's almost average, and your doctor will say it's good enough. Good luck getting a prescription! But ten years ago you may have been at 1100. That's a common level for healthy guys in their twenties. So you've lost half your testosterone, which is a serious problem, but your doctor is telling you that things are "normal."
Just remember how "normal" is defined. According to statistics, 80% of the population is normal. But look around. Most modern men are fat and sedentary. Average testosterone levels have plummeted since World War Two. Your own levels have probably dropped also. Are you as strong and passionate as you were ten years ago?
If you think about it, "normal" doesn't mean "natural," and it doesn't mean "good" or "ideal."
All that said, blood tests are nice because they can catch other issues, such as poor thyroid or immune function. They also help you track your progress and adjust your dosage.
Long story short:  raise your testosterone to a level where you feel strong and passionate. You don't need bloodwork to do that, but it can help.
Speaking of levels, NKNW is designed to get you into the "high average" range. You won't reach "supranormal" levels unless you use one tube a week, but you can aim for the 1,000 ng/dL mark using one tube a month, which is the rate most people follow. Of course, getting to 1,000 is only realistic if you're beginning with low but not extremely low T. If you are at 150, then an average dose of NKNW might put you at 450 or 500.
I'm convinced my T is low. How do I raise it?
Four ways:  Injections, gels, boosters, and changing your lifestyle.
What about injections?
Injections deliver a large dose of testosterone all at once. Chemicals inside the formula called esters will slow absorption to spread out the dose over time, but your mood will change based on how long it's been since your last shot.
You'll have to visit the doctor's office weekly or monthly, and doctors may charge +$150 for a shot. You can also learn to give yourself injections, and find cheaper testosterone on the black market.
In spite of the downsides, if you're serious about hardcore muscle building, injections are the most powerful way. A gel like NKNW gives results, but unless you're literally bathing in it you won't get as much testosterone as Mr Olympia.
What about gels?
Gel is a smoother way to keep your T levels high. Your body naturally produces extra T every morning, so we recommend a daily application first thing every morning. This is more natural than flooding your bloodstream with an injection of testosterone every seven days.
Gels are great if you travel frequently and don't want to carry needles and "gear" with you. NKNW in particular has discrete, safety oriented packaging.
There are a number of prescription gels on the market, such as Androgel, Testim, and Fortesta. NKNW is stronger, cheaper, and doesn't require a prescription.
Gels aren't for everyone, but the nice thing about NKNW is that you can start with just a few tubes to see if it's for you.
What about "Boosters"?
It's a bit intimidating to take legit testosterone. It's the real deal.
"Testosterone Boosters" market themselves as a soft and natural alternative. Unfortunately, there's nothing natural about paying $5 a day to swallow pellets of trendy powders. If you buy the hype, you'll get a placebo rush for a couple weeks. Then back to normal.
Notice that booster companies NEVER encourage you to do blood work. They don't even mention it. What does that tell you about results vs placebo?
Do yourself a favor. If NKNW sounds like too much, and you want something more "natural" then be natural. That means improving your lifestyle.
You've probably tried already, but don't give up. You need to embrace the discipline and not fool yourself with placebo "boosters."
What about lifestyle?
It isn't an easy road, and results aren't guaranteed.
  • Heavy squats
  • Cold showers
  • Wind sprints
  • Power poses
  • Fasting
  • Less sugar
  • More sleep
  • Fatty meats
  • Broccoli
  • Way less alcohol.
When things get going, it's a virtuous cycle. For example, guys who have more sex have higher T, and guys who have higher T have more sex. It's the same with the gym. The more often you go, the more often you want to go.
The challenge is getting started.  It's like, you have low T because your lifestyle is lousy, but your lifestyle is lousy because your T is low.  So where do you even start?
If you've been stuck for a long time, especially if you're an older guy, it might take six months of discipline for your T levels to start creeping upwards. If you slip up for a while, or life gets in the way, you'll have to start all over again.
Plenty of guys use NKNW for a few months just to get the ball rolling. Before long, living a healthy lifestyle doesn't feel like discipline, it just feels natural.
What are the side effects?
The testosterone in NKNW is identical to what your body produces naturally. Unless you abuse NKNW and use it like sunscreen, you should remain comfortably within a high-average range of testosterone. Don't worry about looking like The Hulk overnight, or going through a second puberty being covered in acne.
With hormones it's all about balance. High testosterone should reduce "man boobs" and love handles by counteracting estrogen. But if you go really overboard with injections, your body will compensate by producing extra estrogen and you won't look good at all.
There is a strong relationship between testosterone and the prostate gland, and raising your T can either help or hurt prostate conditions. If you have prostate cancer, you should not use NKNW. Anyone at risk for prostate cancer should have regular exams.
High testosterone increases your red blood cell count. This should elevate your energy- however, if you have a heart condition or are prone to blood clots then you need to take care because it also increases blood viscosity. A hemocrit blood test can give you peace of mind if you are already at risk.
Men with high T are less prone to mood swings than men with low T. In scientific studies, they also sleep better and are more generous. "Roid rage" and mood swings is more of an issue with injectable steroids, and increased estrogen. However, as with anything, if you start getting cranky and moody around the time you start, you should consider stopping.
Bottom line: Research until you feel comfortable, and pay attention to the changes that are happening. Start with the recommended dose and adjust based on how you feel. Use common sense and if anything strange starts happening, stop! If you are using NKNW without a doctor's supervision the responsibility is in your hands.
For more info you can read our article 7 Reasons to Avoid Testosterone Gel.
When will I see changes with NKNW?
Testosterone usually effects your mood and libido in about 2 weeks, but some people report immediate results. We recommend giving it at least 5 weeks, unless you experience negative side effects. One tube is usually just enough to get the picture.
If you have erectile dysfunction, it may be three to six months before you see "solid" improvement. That's also the timeframe where you'll see undeniable increase in muscles and loss of fat.
Whether results come fast or slow, they can be dramatic. One guy even said, "it was like waking up without a hangover for the first time in years."
Can I go on and off?
Beginning "testosterone replacement therapy" is a big decision because so many men continue indefinitely. Generally speaking, that's because life is better on than off. If you get used to having more energy and confidence, it isn't easy to go back. And even if your lifestyle has improved thanks to NKNW, "cycling off" will drop you below the level you had when you started. Any time your levels go extremely low, chances are you'll be extremely stressed. When your body has adapted to an outside testosterone source, levels can go extremely low before slowly creeping back to normal.
If you do choose to cycle off, we certainly recommend to be thoughtful about the timing. If it's the middle of winter and you don't get outside much, plus you've just lost your job and your relationship is on rocky ground, that is probably NOT the time to dramatically reduce your dosage.
That said, it should be possible to run an experimental cycle of NKNW to get a taste of the experience. 30 days isn't enough to feel the full benefits, but it isn't so much that your body becomes dependent. Take a look at this article for more thoughts:   The 30 Day Experiment. 
Most people "go by feel" but this is another case where before/after blood tests can be very useful.
What about safety?
Absolutely no women or children should come in contact with NKNW. Our packaging is very clear on this. You also need to be careful about letting women or children touch your shoulders before you've washed them, especially within 2 hours of application.
Otherwise your girlfriend will end up with a mustache. . . which sounds funny for a second, but it really isn't a joke. Her fertility, mood, and other things can be effected. It may even raise her risk for cancer.
Why is it called "NKNW"?
We spell it out on the packaging. No Kids should touch this stuff, and No Women.
How do I use NKNW?
In the morning, when your T levels are naturally highest, gently spread the appropriate dose onto your shoulders or upper arms and let it dry. Thighs are also possible. We don't recommend any other body parts.
After a shower your skin is at its softest and will absorb the most T. Using a moisturizer on your shoulders after the shower will also help. After the testosterone gel has dried, you can go over it again with the same moisturizer or sunblock to really maximize absorption. Just the shower is enough, but the moisturizers do help. The idea is to soften the skin so that the gel can penetrate it.
After 1-2 it's okay to shower or wash your shoulder again. Some amount of testosterone will remain in the deeper levels of your skin and to slowly enter your bloodstream over the course of the day, but rinsing off won't stop this.
Definitely wash your hands immediately after use, and after 2 hours it isn't a bad idea to rinse your shoulders just in case someone comes into contact with them!
How much do I use?
The rule of thumb with a good transdermal gel is that 10% of the active ingredient is absorbed.
That means a 1mL dose of NKNW should deliver a 5mg dose of Testosterone, which is similar to the conservative starting dose doctors recommend for Andro-gel (4.1mg). Doctors frequently double that dose to 8mg, which is almost exactly what you'll get if you use one tube of NKNW per month (1.67mL = 8.3 daily mg).
For reference, 1mL is 1/5 of one tablespoon, or about the size of a pea.
The actual dose you get depends on how soft your skin is and how sensitive you are to the penetration agents in our formula. NKNW is excellent in that regard so you may well be getting 9-10mg per day especially if you follow the shower and moisturizer protocol.
After 4 weeks or so you can re-evaluate your dose. Blood work is the gold standard, but the key is how you feel. Tripling the standard dose to 3mL/15mg per day is not unheard of, but that's the line where you should strongly consider blood work. No need to jump into anything.
That's also the line where, unless you reach out to us about getting a bulk discount, you'll probably save money by using injections rather than gel.
What are the ingredients?
Many testosterone "boosters" contain junk ingredients or things like caffeine that will give you a quick rush. Some even include Viagra. But NKNW is simple. Just high quality testosterone suspended in a base of powerful delivery agents.
The base consists of:
1) Oleic Acid. A fatty acid found in olive oil and avocado.
2) Propylene Glycol. Commonly found in ice cream and other foods.
3) Polyquaternium-10. Commonly found in shampoo, even fancy organic ones.
4) Isopropyl myristate. Commonly found in luxury perfumes.
5) Ethyl Alcohol. Otherwise known as drinking alcohol.
6) Citric Acid. Found in citrus fruit.
7) Vitamin E
8) Water


It's NATURAL to have a good body. It's natural to be excited about your projects. It's natural to have a good sex life. And with high T, it's simple.



Women think you're creepy.

You're scrawny but you still have belly fat. You look and feel old. You're irritable. Your bones are weak. You can't focus. Your sleep is bad. You prefer computers to real life.

It's already happening.

If you're over 30, it's "normal" to lose 1% of your testosterone every year. That means you're less muscular, less sexual, and less of a man.

Your strength is slipping away every year.  Don't accept it.

You can improve your diet, your exercise routine, and fix your bad habits. But as your Testosterone drops with age, none of it will really work.



Most men feel worse today than 10 or 15 years ago.

So it's no wonder they buy dick pills for their sex life, ritalin or herbal products to clear their head, supplements to gain muscle. But when the placebo wears off you're back where you started:  Looking soft, acting soft.

You don't want to be the guy who swears by his crazy mushroom powders and exotic amino acids- but who still looks and acts like an average guy:  Low energy. Hormonal. Sometimes moody or depressed.

Some people never stop chasing the "silver bullet." They're always hunting for a new product that's supposed to solve their problems. The cycle will never end as long as you have low Testosterone.

NKNW Gel is an easy way to break free. Easy and painless to use, discreet to order. The result is a faster, sharper, and more focused man.



Scientists don't know why, but one thing is clear:  even young men have less T than their fathers and grandfathers. It gets worse with every generation.

Is it something in the water? Is it the modern lifestyle? No one really knows.

While scientists figure out what's going on, we can take action.

If you feel powerless, tired, or weak, explore your options. Don't lay back and take what "nature" gives you. With this epidemic, mother nature is confused anyway.

Of course, Low Testosterone may not be what's holding you back. But chances are high, and if it is you're in luck because it's easy to fix. NKNW can be a simple daily habit that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. You'll never look at a fancy supplement again.

So control the basics. If you're a man, there is nothing more basic than T.




Do the work, see results. It isn't always easy, but it's never complicated. Eat smart, train hard, and people should notice.


The world is full of opportunity. It's also full of obstacles and difficulties. You should face challenges and get things done, no excuses.


Combine the experience of a man with the sex drive of a teenager. Because when you lose your swagger, people notice.



Something holding you back?

Is it Bitcoin?

We admit it can be annoying. Have you read the first FAQ? We explain the why, where, and how.

Nothing intimidating about it.

When it comes to annoying stuff, here's how we see it:  Going to your doctor's office and wrangling with insurance is annoying. Fine tuning your diet is annoying because it's such an uphill battle. Expensive "boosters" are annoying because you know they don't really work.

Next to all that, buying a weird internet currency is practically fun. "Welcome to the future!" It might even be a good investment if you buy extra.

Maybe it's legal issues?

Testosterone Gel is powerful, but I guarantee that in your town you are surrounded by men using and abusing much larger quantities of much more powerful substances, for very questionable reasons. In a nightmare scenario where authorities do take interest in your 3 tubes of Testosterone gel, the only thing they'll be interested in is the supplier.

If anyone is at risk, it's us as the supplier, not the consumer. You're just the victim of pharma companies that drove you onto the grey market with their high prices. But don't worry about us- we've been in business for a while, and no one has ever had any issues receiving NKNW.

One reason is that when we ship the tubes, they aren't marked as testosterone- check the FAQ.

Do you trust us?

Skepticism is healthy and understandable. But we don't have any motivation to scam you. There's a lot more money in keeping you happy as a repeat customer enjoying a quality product.

If that isn't convincing, Bitcoin is your best friend. It's practically untraceable with an extra precaution or two- google "coin mixers" if that's a concern. If you're even more paranoid, we don't even need your address. Just provide a mailing address where you can pick up a discreet package. If you're afraid of spam then create a special email address. But don't forget the password- we need to send confirmation.

Is it your health?

Your head is in the right place. Hormones are incredibly powerful, and we don't want to suggest otherwise. In an ideal world everyone would manage their hormones with regular blood tests and experienced doctors.

In the real world, most doctors simply give you a testosterone gel, ask you how you're feeling, and make sure your estrogen levels don't sky rocket. If you don't improve right away, they'll increase the dose or "upgrade" you to injections. If your estrogen levels do get too high- with a gel that's very unlikely, but it could happen- that's not rocket science to manage.

One option is to experiment with just one tube, for just a month. That's enough to get an idea of what's possible, without committing yourself to long-term "replacement therapy." And don't worry, your balls aren't going to shrink after 30 days of augmenting your natural production, and you won't go through withdraw when you stop.

These two articles might help:

More health concerns?

Not everyone will benefit from NKNW, but practically anyone interested in their health will benefit from regular blood test. Get a blood test!

You can see how big the problem is and you can track your progress. You might also catch problems besides Low T.

NKNW is for men who are comfortable doing their own research and making decisions for themselves. But we don't pretend that every doctor is clueless about Testosterone. So if you have a good doctor, see what he thinks about your blood results. If he puts you on a competing testosterone gel like AndroGel, or injections, no hard feelings.

Just don't over pay!

Do you need more info?

Those three articles can give you a better idea of what to expect from your testosterone gel and how to use it.

When it comes to Bitcoin, if our FAQ didn't help then there are hundreds of blogs and videos that break it down into easy steps. If you reach out via the contact form we will try to help.

Something else?

Leave a message below.

Leave a testimonial here and we'll be in touch about rewards.



It takes strength to face the world. Strength to make decisions, take charge, set boundaries, defend yourself. To seize opportunities. To pray or meditate. It takes strength to raise a family, to do what's right, to reach goals.
And yes, strength to build muscle, to be with women, to focus, to act.
Life is too short to be weak. Every day you accept fatigue, low motivation, wasted effort at the gym, or a poor sex life- is a WASTED day.
If you don't regulate your Testosterone, your strength and your life will slip away. Control your hormones or they will control you.
And remember. It's not just your career, your biceps, your girl.

It's about the strength to live well.

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