Fast forward to the bedroom, where Testosterone actually improves your erections. We don't emphasize that angle so much at NKNW, but Testosterone Gel is more effective than 99% or 100% of the "male enhancement" products out there, unless you're taking actual Viagra.
Part of the science is down to DHT, which is a sort of sub-hormone of testosterone (you'll never guess what the T stands for). Besides stronger erections, DHT gives you a deeper voice, more hair on your chest and effects your prostate. Testosterone also increases your red blood cell count, and indirectly improves your cardiovascular health.
The other factor in play is that when you have high testosterone, women appear sexier. You notice sexy little details about them, and fantasize more. The sexier the woman, the more enthusiastic you are, and the stronger and harder you perform.  
No surprises there, but many men report being more interested than ever in the women around them. Meaning literally around you, face to face, where you're picking up on each other's pheromones and body language.
The contrast is with pornography. That's good to know, because otherwise the fear is that with twice the sex drive you'll just watch twice as much porn. Reactions vary, but that isn't usually the case. 
So if you're married or in a relationship, NKNW might help recapture some of the magic from your honeymoon or first nights. We hope so! 



Were you an addict when you were 22?
No one can say exactly how you will react, that's the rule of thumb with Testosterone Gels like NKNW. They take you back to your early twenties.
When it comes to injectable steroids in large doses, you're headed back to your teens. That means the highs the lows, maybe even the acne, growth spurts and weird body hair.
Talking about sex drive though, teenagers end up in situations where they can barely control themselves, and that can happens with large doses of testosterone. A gust of wind and you have a hard on. If that doesn't do it, just wait for the girl on TV giving a report about the weather.
Maybe you were girl crazy in your teens, but five years later you were just a little more settled or chill. That's roughly were NKNW should put you. It might be the best place. 



When it comes to your sex life, one of the big benefits of testosterone is the extra confidence it gives you.
Improved fitness helps with confidence, but it's more than that. Even if you were stuck in a hospital bed, increased testosterone effects your personality to make you more assertive and confident. And frankly, muscles never hurt but confidence is much more important to women.
If you're single it's even more crucial. The most important thing is talking to the girl in the first place, and that takes confidence. You'll never sleep with a girl if you can't say hello.  
Then there's the evidence- not firm, but it makes sense- that testosterone improves your pheromones. Those are the almost invisible smells that girls notice without even realizing it. That's hard to measure of course, but at the very least we'll say that Testosterone gives you better body language, and that alone makes you more attractive.
They once ran an experiment where men rode exercise bikes until they were dripping with sweat, and then they made the women smell their clothes. The higher the man's testosterone, the more the women thought he smelled good. 
If we were selling anything else, this would be the point where you say enough is enough. "They're telling me they'll make my sweat smell good? I'll bet!"
But Testosterone is so deeply connected to your health that it has benefits all over the place. And why shouldn't a healthy guy smell better than other people?




This isn't a ""test booster."" NKNW puts actual bio-identical testosterone into your body. Use it alone, to "top off" another prescription, or as an alternative to needles while traveling.

World's Most Powerful Gel

Traditional prescription gels all have less than 2% Testosterone by volume. Our 5% formula is more effective, efficient, and less messy.

No prescription

It can be a hassle to find a doctor who understands men's health. Even asking for a diagnostic blood test can be difficult. We ship world-wide so you can take quick action.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Our licensed operation uses the purest bio-identical testosterone. We deliver it in a no nonsense, non-toxic formula, and we list all our ingredients.

Amazing Value

Testosterone gel is another example of greedy pharmaceutical companies. Without insurance, you'll pay up to 4 or 5 times more for a similar gel.


Buy NKNW with Bitcoin, an online currency that is anonymous and easy to use. This fits our values of discretion, safety, and freedom.

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