Here are our favorite NKNW reviews. These are unedited, so a lot of them mention Andro-plus, which was a first generation testosterone cream.

Derek from Canada:

I'll give you an honest review of the effects that I’ve noticed.

First off, I noticed feeling more mentally sharp, almost like a slight layer of mental fog was removed. I feel sharp, focused and a bit more motivated throughout my days. I've definitely noticed an increase in sex drive and better performance at the gym which I’ve really appreciated as well.

Overall a very positive experience with the product!

Will from London

"I've been lifting on and off for about 8 years, and I've build little muscle to show for it. The rest of my life had always been pretty crap - no prospects of career advancement at work, no motivation, no energy, and a failed marriage. Libido was never an issue, so in that respect I kept my ex-wife happy!

A year ago or so, I found a link to a site selling a testosterone cream product and I got interested in TRT, as one of the building blocks of my journey to self improvement. I bought this product, and within a few weeks I started to gain muscle in the right places, I became more motivated and energetic, and for the first time in a decade I slept well and woke up refreshed. The results didn't last because I found the cost of the product a bit prohibitive.

Fast forward to 2017, and I got an email about NKNW and I decided to get a sample tube of it. I used it for an entire month and I found it much better than the cream I used before. Application is easier as it absorbs much better and it leaves no clumps or residue on my shoulders and arms, and it leaves no smell either. I apply it every morning after a shower and application of a (manly) moisturiser.

I'm still feeling pretty amazing even though I have been off it for a time, but I am ready to order more. I could credit higher T levels for having helped me to find a new future wife! 

PS. It keeps my total T levels above 900ng/DL according to my blood work!

Check it out, despite slightly elevated SHBG, T is near the top of the reference range. 😉

James from Texas:

I just wanted to let you know that I finished the last of your competitors product about a month ago and have been using your version since then. I have to say I am pleased, your product goes on smooth, it absorbs very quickly and it packs a great punch!

Bill from Alabama: 

A bit about me:

I have been on Androgel for a couple years now. I have been using massive amounts of gel, which is dangerous to my wife and children. I suffer from primary hypogonadism. I wanted a better solution other than injections ( I hate needles). If it were not for pharmaceuticals, I would be disabled and unable to work. I have many spinal conditions and I am opioid dependent and suffer from anxiety issues, so I also take benzo’s.

While browsing the web for days on end, I was left with few choices; Androgel, shots, AndroForte, make my own(which is actually quit easy), or NKNW. Before starting Androgel my total testosterone level was 165, I was always tired, I had no sexual interest, I was gaining weight fast. Once starting Androgel, I noticed increased energy, weight loss, my libido went through the roof (my wife loves it), increased muscle mass with no work outs what so ever.

So why would I want to try NKNW? Androgel is either 1.62% or 1%, I was covering my whole upper body with gel and it was very time consuming. Androgel made my whole upper body off limits for my wife, my children and even my dog, not to mention particles that could endanger co-workers. I knew there had to be an answer other than shots, I saw NKNW's website, I was more than skeptical, considering they have no mention anywhere creditable, not like AndroForte, the only creditable forum I could find mention was saying there website did not look safe and to stay away, because they only accepted Bitcoin.

I agree with those comments, but if you think about it, testosterone powder can easily be purchased online, with 99.9% purity from China: (interesting fact: testosterone is made from yams and soybeans) and all inert ingredients included would cost less than $40 USD per year to make your own, so why would they lie?

If Bitcoin is your hold back, don't let that stop you, personally I would put double the money in Bitcoin every purchase, it is better interest than any bank is paying(by far).

Back to NKNW, I emailed back and forth several times before purchasing, customer service usually says off line, but I get responses, usually that day or the next day, I was very skeptical. Packaging was very clever and I enjoyed it. The first week I did not trust NKNW, so i took 1/2 my Androgel and 1 ml of NKNW all week, i felt great no noticeable changes.

The second week I stopped Androgel and only used NKNW, I used 2 ml, I applied 1 ml to my shoulder alternating each day and 1 ml to my scrotum, I did this every morning at 3:30 am, I did not shower first, I shower at night after work. The results are great, by the way unlike Androgel, NKNW did not have any burning at all when applied to my scrotum, if it contains alcohol, it must be low. NKNW is really not like Androgel, but it is not a cream either, I would describe it as an ointment like "Neosporin" just not as sticky(greasy). It does take a lot longer to dry/absorb compared to Androgel.

I had blood work done after the second week, and the results speak for them self my total testosterone was 880; LH was 5.3; Cortisol 7.3; TSH 2.1, as for other results I do not care, I have no plans on having any more children. Now I will use 1 ml to my shoulder each morning, 1 ml to my scrotum and after shower apply 1 ml to my other shoulder each evening, increasing my dose to 3 ml per day with 1 ml being added before bed.

After 3 weeks i have gained 17 lbs, my waist size has dropped to 36" (where it was 7 yrs. ago); I have increased energy all day, my wife loves the changes she has noticed my upper arms have noticeably gotten larger (I have always been a big strong guy) and asked me if I started working out again (working 12 hrs. a day, I have no time); my wife and I both love the fact I am always in the mood and engage in sex at least once a day. I am performing even better at work, I am more focused, more driven and more easy going. I have also noticed I am a lot nicer and more calm, I have become more social (I was a very anti-social guy).

Odd side note I have noticed:

My penis has grew about 1/3” in length?, I will not complain about that.
Also an increase in facial acne.
Hearing has improved, honestly no joke, I have had hearing test to prove it .
I have become a lot more social.
I am looking forward to the upcoming month and years to see how TRT will benefit me more, how much weight I can lose, how much muscle I will gain, if my spinal and neurological injuries start to heal and even if my penis continues to enlarge.

Add 3 ml of rubbing alcohol to each tube and shake vigorously.
Apply to different area each day(rotate application sites)
Shave the area(s) of application.
Buy more Bitcoin, I have made 25% interest in 3 weeks, just letting my money sit!

I work in a loud manufacturing environment, I suffer from multiple spinal conditions, anxiety and I am a very anti social person. I never give reviews for products, I am not paid to give reviews nor do I endorse any products. NKNW is truly a good / great product, I feel everyone should know about, but that would not be good for there company; so it is an odd situation.

[There are a few details in there we just wouldn't include in a fake review. 17 pounds in just a few weeks? Increased penis size? Pointing out that we don't have many credible references elsewhere online? Those are 100% Bill's words.]

Jack from Down Under:

I hope business is going well mate.

This is an outstanding product. I wanted to give it several months for a good test, but really didn't need that much time. First the consistency of nknw is remarkable, it's like my girlfriend's (sounds a bit odd at my age) hand creme. It makes Androplus feel like runny cornflakes (or wheatabix). The results have been better too.

I haven't gained any weight but my arms are 1/4" bigger with better definition and vascularity, my chest is 1/2" bigger, and my waist is 1" smaller, hence the stable weight. I am definitely stronger adding, on average 2 reps to every exercise or increase the weight load. All this on a seasoned gym rat that hadn't seen gains in 2 decades. I was mostly satisfied with the body not deteriorating too dramatically.

I am thrilled with the results.

Your product is the real deal and I won't comment on your, shall we say, generous pricing. It is worth every penny.

Stay healthy Frank, all the best!

ps if you can glean any testimonial wording from my ramblings, be my guest! This stuff "rocks"

Roy from California:

Androplus has had a tendency to clump up as you are lathering on your skin.

NKNW feels more creamy and smoother, it travels further and doesn't give you that feeling, that you didn't apply enough. It really feels more like a smooth lotion, whereas androplus is thicker and contains some clumps.

So yes, I think the little hassle of using bitcoin is definetely worth it. Frank, the contact at NKNW has done an excellent job of communicating with me about my order and I look forward continuing using this fine product for years to come.

Thank you Frank.

Greg from Colorado:

I've been very pleased with the product. Before starting by blood T levels were a very low 214- probably due to age, and having a sedentary lifestyle for the past two years. I had not been in the gym and I was out of shape and my general mood was horrible.
Within 24 hours of starting your product, I noticed an improved mood and sex drive. It was like I was in my early 20's again. At the same time I started, I also got back in the gym and began a regular lifting regime. After 5 weeks, I gained back about 80% of my muscle mass from my old peak and dropped in waist size. Part of this is probably due to being in very good shape in the past, but I have to credit your product with the rest.
My mood is good, my energy levels are great and I'm almost back to being in the best shape of my life.
I followed the general dosing guidelines from the website, using an amount roughly 1.5 times the size of a large pea each morning with some moisturizer. My only minor complaint is that dosing is a little difficult and I have to "eyeball" it each day. I haven't had a blood test since dosing but I have one scheduled in about 30 days. I will be sure to update those results. I'm sure it's substantially higher than the 214 I started at.
Thank you for producing a great product and feel free to share my input as long as my information is kept anonymous. Thanks!

Maverick from the 212:

My name is Maverick and I have been using NKNW for a few months now.

At first I started off using Androplus until I found out about NKNW. I was interested in the claims that it uses no preservatives and that it has a smoother application and different formula than Androplus. This was good news to me, since I wasn't quite satisfied with the odd mustard like smell and grainy application of Androplus that took a while to dry.

Straight away I noticed the consistency of the product was much less like the ointment like texture of Androplus, NKNW is smoother and applied as such, and even absorbs much faster. NKNW also produces no smell at all and that I am also very happy about.

I have seen more results while on this brand of testosterone than the previous brand. Growing hair on my face hasn't been an easy task for me and yet NKNW has helped me sprout quite a few facial hairs. But growing some facial hair isn't all I can thank NKNW for.

It has helped me gain muscle and trim some fat, as well as help my shoulders broaden out a bit more. I've lost some extra fat in my face and also have a better libido. Even my girlfriend has noticed that I've been more, "masculine looking". She says I look more manly and she is also pleased with how it has affected the nether regions as well.

I've had more energy and a mood or attitude to go out and explore or do something exciting. I've taken an interest in the outdoors again and finally want to go outside of my house rather than stay inside all day. I have never felt or received any negative side effects from NKNW, and if I've been taking it this long I doubt I ever will.

I have recommended this brand to a few of my buddies here and there and I'll continue to do so.

Artistic Thomas from England:

We're especially proud to inspire artwork! Thomas told us he hadn't had time to write a proper testimonial yet, so he just made us an illustration in the meantime. High Energy! And another example of something we would never make up ourselves.

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