The whole idea is to get testosterone into your blood, where it can get to work.

The most efficient method is to inject using a needle, which will put about 99.9% of the testosterone into your veins (unless you make a mistake with your needle, yikes!) of which 70% will be bio-available. The percentage is lower with gels.

Of course that's baked into the dosage recommendations. There's no limit to the dose you can get from a gel- it's just a question of using enough. But it's a shame to see good testosterone go to waste, so let's review how to get the most out of your testosterone gel.

First, understand how gels work. NKNW is a transdermal gel- transdermal meaning "through skin."

Testosterone won't pass through your skin if you just sit in a bathtub of liquid testosterone. (It's fun to imagine someone trying though. Maybe an 80's action hero or Soviet athlete.) It would be expensive and completely useless. Very little would penetrate your skin and enter your blood. Likewise you could cover yourself in raw testosterone powder, but nothing would happen.

It's a different story if the powder sits in a gel or cream. A well designed gel acts as both a "delivery agent" and "penetration agent," breaking your skin just enough to let the testosterone molecule pass through. Luckily, the testosterone molecule is relatively small, so you don't need the most powerful agents. For instance, AndroGel 1.62% and NKNW 5% Gel rely on simple rubbing alcohol.

"If you soaked in a tub of liquid testosterone and VODKA, would that do the trick? What if you SNORTED it?" Don't try it at home folks.


Straight out of the box, you should absorb about 10% of the testosterone in your gel. Again, that should end up leaving you with the proper dose, but why settle for 10% when you could get to 15% or even past 20%?

Basically, maximizing absorption is a question of weakening your skin to help make the delivery agent's job a little easier.

That's why the first tip is to apply Testosterone Gels like NKNW or Andro-Gel after a shower. Water makes your skin more soft and ready to absorb. Soaking in a bath would be even better, but who takes a bath first thing in the morning? (Morning is the best time to use a gel because that's when your body naturally produces extra testosterone.)

The second tip is to moisturize your skin before applying NKNW. Borrow your girlfriend's or find a masculine product.

Third, apply to an area where your skin isn't tough. With NKNW we recommend your shoulders. Theoretically, the backs of your hands and feet would work, but aren't convenient. The scrotum is very soft, but as a gel, it's not very convenient to let NKNW sit there.


To weaken your skin even further, you can experiment with  DSMO, a more intense penetration agent that's easy to find in most pharmacies. Best practice is to apply it ten minutes before using your gel. Then, a few minutes after the gel has dried, you can rub in a little extra DSMO. With that technique you can easily double the rate of testosterone you absorb.

Why don't most Gels include extra powerful enhancers or moisturizers already?

It's a long story. DSMO is great for penetration enhancement but it falls short, on the molecular level, as a delivery agent. Plus, some people have strong reactions and the odor can be unpleasant- the S stands for sulfur.

NKNW in particular was developed to balance of power and comfort. It's gentle on your skin, with very little odor and natural preservatives. NKNW packs a serious punch on its own, and combined with a penetration agent that works for you, the sky's the limit.



A word about comfort.

That may be the last thing on your mind- are we talking about Testosterone or my wife's moisturizer?

But there's no limit to how far you can break down the skin. With some transdermals you'd think people were performing surgery, or road rash after a motorcycle accident. And that's not to mention the smells.

That would make sense if the testosterone molecule were larger, and had more trouble passing through your skin. Or if your gel was extremely expensive or hard to find, you would want to squeeze every last drop out of it, even if it left you with a nasty rug burn. But at that point, it's better to use injections.

With a testosterone gel you want to find a middle ground. You're using it every day and it shouldn't be expensive, at least if you have insurance or a good, reasonably priced supply. 

Speaking of reasonable prices. . .

With Androgel, NKNW and other Testosterone Gels, 90% of consumers use them straight out of the tube or dispenser.

But here are three more tips, especially useful if your skin is naturally tough or dry.


If DMSO is too strong, or the smell drives you crazy, you can substitute it for moisturizer to prep your skin. We mentioned that above, but the twist is that you can follow up with sun block after the gel has dried. That's two passes with a seperate product.

The other thing is that as you spread the gel, you want to be very gentle. If you're too aggressive about rubbing it into your skin, you can actually damage the molecule and make it useless. 

The other thing is to be careful about about washing your hands after using a testosterone gel. Applying to your shoulder is one thing, since the skin is soft and the testosterone absorbs fast. And your shoulder doesn't rub against to many things during a typical day. But your hands are tougher, so the testosterone will just sit there, spreading around to the things you touch. Not good, especially if you're around kids or women.



NKNW was inspired by the formula of the industry leader AndroGel, but we added a few twists.

First, two extra penetration enhancers: Oleic Acid, which is found in olive oil, and Isopropyl Mystrate, an ingredient in luxury perfumes.

Then we tripled the Testosterone by volume to 5%, which makes for cleaner, faster application, and a better price. Finally we chose Vitamin E as a healthy preservative.

We're proud of the formula, but NKNW is most famous for being available worldwide, without a prescription, via the online currency Bitcoin.


Androgel is a billion dollar product developed by a 100 billion dollar company.

It's hard to argue with the quality.

But big pharmaceutical companies, besides being very greedy, struggle to push the limits and innovate. It takes years and millions of dollars to approve a new formula. It isn't like a big corporation introducing a new flavor of soda pop. Studies and approvals can take decades to complete.

So while we're free to innovate and respond to our customers, AndroGel will stick with its classic formula for the next 100 years. "Good enough!"

Of course AndroGel really is good enough in many ways, and of course it improves life for millions. But this is a case where the little guys in our NKNW laboratory have actually developed a better product than the big shots.

See for yourself.

A 30 day experiment is enough to get the picture without committing to decades of  "replacement" therapy. A month of higher testosterone is exactly the shot in the arm that some guys need.




This isn't a ""test booster."" NKNW puts actual bio-identical testosterone into your body. Use it alone, to "top off" another prescription, or as an alternative to needles while traveling.

World's Most Powerful Gel

Traditional prescription gels all have less than 2% Testosterone by volume. Our 5% formula is more effective, efficient, and less messy.

No prescription

It can be a hassle to find a doctor who understands men's health. Even asking for a diagnostic blood test can be difficult. We ship world-wide so you can take quick action.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Our licensed operation uses the purest bio-identical testosterone. We deliver it in a no nonsense, non-toxic formula, and we list all our ingredients.

Amazing Value

Testosterone gel is another example of greedy pharmaceutical companies. Without insurance, you'll pay up to 4 or 5 times more for a similar gel.


Buy NKNW with Bitcoin, an online currency that is anonymous and easy to use. This fits our values of discretion, safety, and freedom.


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