Experience one month of high Testosterone with a 50mL tube of NKNW.

NKNW is a pharmaceutical quality Testosterone gel, modeled after Androgel, with powerful delivery agents and a higher concentration of Testosterone. REAL Testosterone, not "boosters." It's available worldwide without a prescription, and trusted by men across the world, from elite athletes to regular guys.

It's a great chance to experiment with Testosterone without dealing with doctors and pharmacies, or with shady guys in the locker room. At the end of the month it's up to you.

Re-order at an even cheaper rate, with free shipping.

Or work to re-capture the feeling of high testosterone through all the classic techniques:  squats, wind sprints, green vegetables, getting more sleep, and improving your discipline. Even if you stop after a month, NKNW can give you encouragement and something to aim for. It can be the kick in the ass you need to reach a better lifestyle.



In all honesty, one month isn't enough to see the full benefits of a Testosterone Gel like NKNW. Feeling 20 years younger isn't something that happens overnight, probably not even 30 nights. Longer term you'll see big changes, but no one is going to mistake you for The Rock. That takes more than NKNW.
So a 30 day cycle might not transform your life. But the bright side is, your body won't get "hooked."
Because your body is amazing. It's already designed to be putting on muscle, feeling good, enjoying time with women and so on. All it's missing (hopefully) is a little more Testosterone to put it all together.
But your body doesn't like to do extra work. When it gets Testosterone from an outside source, it stops producing much of its own. That's why they call it Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Because the Gel or the injections end up replacing what you used to be making.
To some guys, that sounds like a deal with the devil. NKNW helps you live at a higher level, but if you ever stop, you crash back to earth. "I ain't got much testosterone but at least I know it's mine."
Whatever your attitude about "replacement," it's good to know that after an experiment with one month of NKNW the worst that should happen is that you feel grumpy for a few days. Then you're right back where you started.



Ordering what's essentially a prescription drug, without a prescription, on the internet. How's that possible? What's the deal?

First of all, not every country is so strict about testosterone. NKNW operates in Asia, with more consumer freedom.

That said, you understand why they wouldn't want T Gels available over the counter. In the wrong hands, it can turn a little girl into a transsexual teenage boy. It can give an athlete huge advantages over his opponents. And some people should avoid testosterone, especially for health reasons. Check this article, The 7 People Who Should Never Use Testosterone.

The problem is, a lot of doctors don't get it when it comes to prescribing Testosterone. The classic example is a blood test that reads 550, which is a respectable number, especially in your forties. No way a guy with 550 gets a prescription. But if that guy was at 1100 when he was 20, which is high but not crazy-  then he's going to be suffering at 550!

Big picture, low Testosterone is a serious epidemic. Scientists don't know what's going on, and doctors are slow to react. NKNW puts power back in your hands. With the information we give in the FAQ and throughout the site, you should end up better informed than the average Joe whose doctor hands him a prescription.

We're quite proud of the service we provide. And you don't need to have any fear. People have been buying and selling Viagra, modafinil and other things over the internet for years with no drama. We're not talking cocaine here. The very worst that happens is customs seizes the package and we send another one. Rarely happens.

There's just one thing. You can probably understand why we prefer to be anonymous, which is tricky when it comes to accepting money. Credit cards, bank accounts and all these things require paperwork and signatures.

That's why NKNW only accepts Bitcoin payment. Read on below.



Bitcoin intimidates a lot of people. It sounds complicated and annoying. Then again, banks can be complicated and annoying too. Not to mention the doctor's office, and insurance claims. 

The truth is, buying and using Bitcoin is straightforward. Your grandmother could have figured it out, if she had her eye on something she really wanted.

We talk you through everything in the FAQ, but before we say anything else, another word about money.

Testosterone Gels are outrageously expensive. If you're lucky then it's covered by insurance, but pharmaceutical companies are drunk with power. They charge easily ten times more than they should do when it comes to testosterone, which is frankly very cheap to produce. Their formulas aren't anything special either, but that's another story.

So the nice thing about Bitcoin is that it helps us keep prices very low. It also helps everyone stay much more anonymous.

Don't let futurist currency hold you back! Visit our home page to find various FAQ's, articles, testimonials and the shopping area.




If you train, it's all pain no gain. Your arms are skinny and you put on weight around your hips and breasts. Like a woman. 


Back in the day you had real hobbies, but lately you don't have the energy. You're underachieving, borderline depressed.


Watching porn is better than your actual love life. In a relationship, things are boring. If you're single, you never make your move.



NKNW started as a group of gym buddies. . . 
We were interested in Testosterone, and some of us tried it out. Whether it was a Gel, a weekly injection, or a "booster," lots of us were paying hundreds a month, and still not able to control our own dosage.

Finally one of us talked everybody into ordering raw Testosterone in bulk off a Chinese website.

(Talk about sketchy websites. . . Typos all over the place and random bits of Russian and Chinese letters hanging around. He said he used his ex-wife's credit card. It worked though, and we found better suppliers down the road.)

We figured out the formula through trial and error until we arrived at something that is a better testosterone gel than Androgel, Testim, and what you find in pharmacies- let alone the sprays, gels and creams you might might dig up online.

Not only did we have a great gel, we didn't need to deal with the hassle of prescriptions. Our group is still going strong, and now a handful of us have taken NKNW Gel public. Of course we're in it to make money, but the other motivation is helping individual men. We've seen this stuff changes lives.

That leads into the big picture. Testosterone is disappearing from the world, and we need it more than ever.

We're not trying to save the world, but when we help one man we usually help his relationship, which helps his family, which helps his church, community, country and on and on. And in all seriousness, without strong men the world will be in bad shape, and without Testosterone you won't see many strong men.

So think it over, don't let the hacker cash stop you, and whatever you do, be strong.



It takes strength to face the world. Strength to make decisions, take charge, set boundaries, defend yourself. To seize opportunities. To pray or meditate. It takes strength to raise a family, to do what's right, to reach goals.
And yes, strength to build muscle, to be with women, to focus, to act.
Life is too short to be weak. Every day you accept fatigue, low motivation, wasted effort at the gym, or a poor sex life- is a WASTED day.
If you don't regulate your Testosterone, your strength and your life will slip away. Control your hormones or they will control you.
And remember. It's not just your career, your biceps, your girl.

It's about the strength to live well.

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